Turiec International Bartender Cup

Same as a last year, also this year we want to announce, that on February 15th, will take place the 2. year of the competition „TURIEC INTERNATIONAL BARTENDER CUP“, which is determined for high school students, who must be at most 21 years old.

From abroad we will welcome participants from Spain, Cyprus, Poland and Czech republic.

Some important informations:

The competition will be helad also next year, therefore do not hesitate and register too for the 3. year of „Turiec International Bartender Cup“

The competition has only one round and only 2 students from one school can competate.

Mandatory ingredient is at least 2cl Juniperus Gin from Old Herold s.r.o. and at least 1cl of sirup from brand MONIN. Other sirups are not allowed!

Main category is BARTENDER´S CHOICE DRINK – own original drink

Time limit is 6 minutes for making 3 portions.

What you need to do?

It is easy. If you are Erasmus+ accredited organization, just include under activity „International competitions for students“ corresponding number of students and accompanying persons into your project application.

If you are not accredited, you can include K.A.B.A. Slovensko as project partner and you need to put few informations into the application. Our OID number is E10195847 and you can download our partner info in PDF.

If you need help and if you wanna know more informations, do not hesitate and contact us, we will send you partner info for your Erasmus+ project, the deadline is by 26.01.2024!

Main contact: info@kabaslovensko.sk or use our Contact form

We wish you good luck with the application!

K.A.B.A. Slovensko team