Duration: 24– 26th August & 29– 30th August, 2016
Time 24 + 16 hours,
Locality: Hotel Gorica – Ohrid, Hotel Drim – Struga
Target groups: professional staff in relevant public body actors: municipalities, centres for social work, employment service centres, public institutions for children and young people from Macedonia;
Number of trainees: 20

Kompetenzenbilanz presents one of a few approaches in career counselling. It has its particular phases and steps that have to be followed, it has concrete outputs. It is the mapping of the past and presence and orientation towards the future through an action plan. The process includes the Final Report in which all the genesis of the Kompetenzenbilanz is related to the labour market.

Learning goals I.:

  • They understood what the competencies are, types/kinds of competencies, why they are important in work life of individuals.

  • They learnt to analyze the competencies of clients on the base of their knowledge, skills and qualities.

  • They learnt to manage all the process of Kompetenzenbilanz and ist steps.

  • They learnt how to conduct 1st phase, then 2nd phase – the phase of data collection and final phase of Kompetenzenbilanz.

  • They learnt to define concrete targets; To find out barriers and resources; SMART theory.

  • They learnt to manage an investigation phase – which job is fit for me

  • Looking for a new job. Research of labor market

  • They learnt My new profession process.

  • They learnt how to write Final Report.

Goals of the training II.:

  • To learn to design a tailor made training adjusted to their clients needs.

  • To be able to use methods which they learnt in previous training courses.

  • Each group presented its training and the others, including the trainer, gave feedback and recommendations for improvement. The outputs were 2 Agenda Training courses for ECC and 2 Agenda Training course for BK.