Dates: 16 – 18th August, 2016
Total Time: 24 hours
Locality: Hotel Drim, Struga
Target groups: professional staff in relevant public body actors: municipalities, centres for social work, employment service centres, public institutions for children and young people from Macedonia;
Number of trainees: 20

The group was heterogeneous, of different ages, different education and with different experience with work with children and youth – ranging from 5 months to 23 years. The trainees did not have experience with career counselling.

The goals of this part of the trainig:

  • What knowledge, skills and qualities a career counsellor should have

  • What kind of services the career counsellor provides

  • What is the process of career counselling and professional orientation

  • What kind of method the career counsellor uses

  • To select individual and group method appropriately in relation to situation

  • To understand the definitions of basic terms related to career counselling

  • To understand the position of the career counsellor for young people

  • To understand the importance of the change which relates to the work of the counsellor and accept it

  • To understand and analyse the professional, methodological, social and personal competencies of the career counsellor

  • To learn how to use the techniques of verbal communication (speaking, listening, questioning, feedback) and non verbal communication as well

  • To learn the forms and methods in career counselling for young people (to understand methodology for career counselling and early career guidance)